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Published Dec 01, 20
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2016) $tar Corp$: Call to Fight! (Lance and Laser Models Inc., Crunchy Frog Enterprises, 1992) (Fantasy Flight Games, 2017) (Wizards of the Coast, 2004) (West End Games, 1991) (Fasa Corporation, 1986) Stargrunt II (Ground No Games, 1996) (McEwan Miniatures, 1974) Starmada (Majestic Twelve Games, 2000) Starship Marine (Jim Wallman, 1974) (Mongoose Publishing, 2005) StarSoldier (Simulations Publications, Inc., 1977) Strike Group Alpha (Gamescience, 1978) (Game Designers' Workshop, 1981) (Game Designers' Workshop, 1996) (Tactical Command Games 1996, 2000) Stellar Conflicts & Uprisings (Tactical Command Games 1996, 2000) Strikeforce (Agema. Reaper Minis.

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Re-release by Cipher Studios, 2011) (Superhero) (WizKids, 2002) (Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast, 2004) (Privateer Press, 2006) (Mantic Games) (Heritage, 1980) (Wargames Research Group, 1991) Legions Unleashed (Tactical Command Games, 1983, 1996) (Games Workshop, 2005) (WizKids, 2001) (Wyrd Miniatures, LLC, 2005) (Games Workshop, 1993) Mazes & Miniatures (Daring Dwarf Games, 2013) Middle Earth Wargame Rules (Decalset, 1976) Mighty Armies (Mongoose Publishing, 2004) (Games Workshop, 1999) (Stealthy Spider Publishing, 2006) Realm - Fantasy Warfare (Serious Lemon, 2012) Ring of Guideline (Zvezda, 2003) Rippers: The Horror Wars (Pinnacle, 2004) Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age (Fantasy Games Unlimited, 1975) RUMBLESLAM - A video game of Fantasy Fumbling (Dream Fumbling) (TTCombat, 2017) Runewars Miniatures Game (Fantasy Flight Games, 2017) Shieldbreaker (HoDstuff/Carnalithic Press, 2011) Skull Cleaver - Fantasy V 6 (Computer System Moderated Miniature Wargame Rules) (Computer Techniques, 2007) (Ganesha Games, 2007) Supersystem (West Wind Productions, 2000) The Age of May and Steel (Option Armies, 2009) (The Ninth Age, 2015) Third Kingdom Skirmish Video game (Wargame involving animals) (Whimsical Home entertainment, unidentified) Vis Magica (Ordered Versatility, 2002) Waken The Storm (The (Virtual) Armchair General, 2006) Warband (Steve Hardy/Pendraken Miniatures, 2015) Wargods of gyptus (Crocodile Games, 2002) Wargods of Olympus (Crocodile Games, 2008) (Games Workshop, 1983) Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Games Workshop, 2015) (Urban Mammoth, 2010) Warlord (Gamer's Guild, 1983) Warlord (Reaper Miniatures, 2004) (Privateer Press, 2003) (Rick Priestley, Games Workshop, 2000) (CatZeyeS Home Entertainment, 2010).

Jump to: navigation, search StatusOut of Business Active1970s - 2008 Sitewww. (down, not archived) AddressNottingham, England, UK (aka Tabletop Miniatures) was established by Bob Corner in the 1970s. They were a UK supplier and maker of dream, sci-fi and historical minis in both 15mm and 25mm scales - consisting of Asgard & Hobby Products - and they published wargame rulesets.

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All 3 versions of Tabletop Games are covered on this page. The minis were later sold once again to Alternative Armies, 15mm, Mick Yarrow Miniatures and Battleline Miniatures (Reaper miniatures). A website was produced 2001-07-20. The miniature lines were offered some time prior to 2003 when the owner passed away. In 2004, Dave Polhill acquired the business assets which were now primarily the company name and the publishing rights to the old rulesets.

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A search on Business House reveals that the last return was made at the start of 2008 which the company was dissolved in 2010. Company No. 03143382. This branch of the company was based in Berkshire, England. The mini lines were sold off to Chad Games in Wales who then changed into Table Top Miniatures and produced figures for a while.

The company became inactive in 2008. Site developed 2001-07-20. This "branch" of the business was based in Cardiff, Wales. All 3 "branches" of the business are covered under on the wiki. At the moment, there is not adequate info to separate them and in the case of the "Limited" company in Berkshire who only released rulesets, but who are the real followers to the name, there is little point.



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